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She’s gonna wish on stars...

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21st June 2006

5:20pm: That's right a public post bitches....
I'm done w/ it. All together. When I delete ppl from the online world, oh you better believe it's serious! Right now I need to focus on me 100%, and getting back to my senses. Bottom line. I don't need to be getting worked up over something that has repeated itself several times. Because I've aloud it. Hell I shouldn't even be slightly perturbed by now. This song and dance has happened before (and even though the circumstances were different this time around), the end result pisses me off, and yet I knew it would happen. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. If something new and more exciting comes along, you'll jump on it no matter what. I don't care so much that you're w/ someone else, cuz us dating was never an option, but the fact that you SAID you wouldn't and weren't w/ other ppl in any way, shape, or form AND expected me to do the same. THAT'S what gets me. YOU made the suggestion of not being w/ others. I'm not saying I never asked about other girls, but that was typically after you asked me, and said if I was w/ other ppl I should tell you now instead of finding out down the rd., then you go out and get a god damn girlfriend a week later. (Pardon my French) The worst week of my life. When I needed you the most you weren't there. I needed you for more than the first night. And that's what disappoints me the most. You were too busy w/ yourself....your life....other ppl.

Who knows how long this went on, maybe not for long, but you don't get into a relationship over night. Plain and simple. I've done some shiesty ass things along the way, and felt bad @ times, but your recent actions have far exceded mine.

It's impossible to maintain a friendship like this and that's the honest truth. It's all roses one minute, then Hell in a hand basket the next. A dysfunctional divorced couple is how we act. Perhaps I'm being immature right now, but I prob. should have done this a long time ago. I don't need to know what goes on in thier lives, and vice versa. I've had regrets about not speaking my mind before, but I won't feel that way again.

5th December 2005

12:28am: This may never happen again....
I Won at POKER!!!!

I was so happy. I even documented the occasion :-)
Current Mood: good

28th June 2005

6:55pm: This just in....
Ok, my #1 NBA Draft pick has changed. After watching some commentary, I now think it will be Utah's Andrew Bogut.

Now, lets see if I'm as good at draft picks, as I am at Champ picks. Mwhahahaha

7th April 2005

9:15pm: Breaking news....
112 is performing at the Inferno this Saturday night! Someone, anyone come with me. Trust me, you won't be disappointed; they're awesome!
Current Mood: excited

9th February 2005

1:25pm: Oh me, Oh my....
I rarely do this....actually I NEVER do this! So, the firecracker that lit me, deserves nothing short of, an Oscar.

I'm feeling the need to vent, so I'm gonna do it. I'm making this bad boy public, yes, PUB-LIC!
**(now, fellow LJ-er's **DO NOT** freak out. This is NOT about anyone on here. Quite honestly, it's not about anyone/anything specific, more or less a broad vent about some of life's wonders, so don't fret....hence the PUBLIC mode)**

But I'm rather perturbed.....

Ya know I rarely get truly heated (especially to the point of writing about it) and I try my best to keep it that way; makes me happy, as well as everyone else who has to be around me, but after awhile things start to boil, and sooner or later your tea kettle is sounding. I find writing it down, really does get it out of my system. Why am I putting it on LJ, I have no clue, but I am soo.....

I'm quite baffled by the mind set of people on this great place I like to call: mother-earth. The word "integrity" comes to mind at the moment; if you have it, consider yourself blessed, to those who don't: get a VISA and charge a life-long subscription. I think there should be a new policy at the hospital once you are brought into this world: "not only will you receive a birth certificate, but as an added a bonus, a translator, or Miss Cleo (who ever can get the job done) will be provided free of charge," to decipher the different connotations and ambiguities of life. (Yes, you are correct in your assumption, I DID use the dictionary)

I pride myself in trying my very best to be an understanding, compassionate, patient, and caring individual, which tends to do nothing for me, besides being taken for granted, and, in a nut shell, people establishing the belief that I am a loyal Golden Retriever.

Why did Richard win Survivor? Because he was a jerk. Why did Elisabeth loose? Because she was a Golden Retriever. Yes, people, I am using dog analogies, spiced with a little CBS trivia.

I have never once said I wasn't a confusing, or complex individual, cause Heaven knows that would be an outright lie, but for the LOVE of PETE, there are just some things out there, I don't think, I will ever be able to crack the code on. People continually believe that I wear shades as dark as the likes of Jack Nicholson, at a Laker's basketball game. Granted, I have not experienced a lot in life, (I will state that in their defense) that being said, I may be from a town named after a salt furnace, but that does not mean I am as naive, as the sky is blue.

Ok....my rant has come to a close. Here's a little disclaimer: the reader's of this fine piece of craftsmanship are probably wondering what in the world I am talking about; I will tell you right know, the possibilities running through your head are more than likely incorrect. So don't worry.
Current Mood: annoyed

30th November 2004

8:05pm: Ken Jennings, the guy that has been a contestant on Jeopardy forever, lost :O(

19th November 2004

1:55pm: I haven't updated in quite awhile, but there has still been alot of things going on. I feel like writing an insightful entry for some odd reason, which is something I NEVER do, so I think I'll pass.

I'm ready for the semester to be over academically. I need to find something productive to do over Christmas break, so I'm not stuck working in front of a computer everyday.

Thursday I helped Carrie move, and saw "Saw" which was a pretty good movie.

Friday and Saturday Jill and I hung out at Steve's for a bit, and did a little shopping.

Sunday was a less than productive day to say the least, but you need one of those every once in a while I guess.

Monday I had a community service event at West Middle School. We worked with the after-school program called The Zone. It was fun. I helped out with arts and crafts; and the kids really seemed to enjoy it, which was great.

Last night the 8th floor girls, plus Nick and Meghan, had a birthday party for Lisa and I. It was alot of fun. Holly got me a camera and pic of me being "taped" which was hilarious. Meghan got me chocolate, which is the best thing ever! Candice got me a scrapbooking organizer, that I had been wanting for like ever. Lisa got me a stuffed dog named "Laptop," it's so cute. It was a really sweet for them to do, and I really appreciated it. The highlight was definitely Amy playing NSYNC music....LOL

Tomorrow is the football game, hopefully it won't be raining. AND, OF COURSE, IT'S MY 21st BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's not a milkshake
Bag of cheese
Oopps, I'm so sorry *laughing hysterically*
Look I can do it, I can do it
Current Mood: happy

18th October 2004

12:20pm: Homecoming....
Vote 4 *Danielle Turley* for Ms. Marshall!!!!

Vote 4 *Nick Slate* for Mr. Marshall!!!!

28th September 2004

6:30pm: Why can't I just live my life....
I think I'm gonna start making alot more of my entries "friend's only" due to the fact that I don't want people (i.e., my brother and/ or parents) reading about the things I do

Why don't they just let me live?
I don't need permission, make my own decisions
That's my prerogative
that's my prerogative

13th September 2004

2:00am: Ah, the Study Center.....
Well last Thursday I went to class, came back and slept till like 2....I was worn out, and needed to rest up for a fun filled night of reading!! Which seems to be my current hobby.

Friday I went home, and got my cell phone upgraded, so I can get service in Charleston as well.
While there, I discovered that the food court at the mall has undergone some changes while I've been gone.

Saturday went to my brother's soccer game against St. Albans....we won. There was a girls' game later against Nitro, but we couldn't stay for it, unfortunately.

Later that night, we went to get my brother from the church teen picnic and saw a kid that I had grown up with, his wife, and little boy....I usually don't get all sentimental over this type of thing, but it was so sweet seeing him and his son together; he's the splitting image of his dad when we were little kids.

I also noticed that they put a stop light across the bridge, near my house....we're becoming mainstream.

I'm now in the library with my "Red Bull," trying to become interested in "The Milkweed Ladies," which is daunting task.

Cruisin for what??
Current Mood: tired

9th September 2004

4:28pm: This week has gone by pretty fast....
I like having 4 day school weeks. Yesterday it was raining cats and dogs, which is no fun to walk through all day long....at least I didn't get splashed by a car, or have to dance in it!

Went to English, and got my paper back; I did better than expected; all I wanna know is why I can't just have a SOLID letter grade. We turned in our books with "Marginalia," I tried to fill that sucker up, so hopefully I'll see a decent grade when I get it back.

Then we went to Rozie's house, and she invited us to stay for dinner....she's a good cook

Then went to French class where we watched the French news; which was interesting....in one segment they pretty much made fun of Bill Clinton and U.S. eating habits.

Today I went to class, came back and slept in; last night I was apparently saying some crazy stuff due to tiredness....if that's a word
Current Mood: exhausted

29th August 2004

4:00pm: Well the first week of school has come to a close, and I already have a lot of stuff to do.

Friday afternoon I was in an exceptionally peppy mood; I think working out of a morning gets my endorphins going; another added bonus was that I was finally able to get into the lit. class I wanted, which I was so thankful for. I thought it was an "Applications" class, but it's "Appalachian."

Went home for the weekend to discover our dryer has bit the dust.

The VMAs are on tonight which should make for some good entertainment! I'm not quite sure if it could top last year's opening act though.

This coming weekend should be fun; there's a game, plus the Regatta, so I'm not sure how I'm gonna swing those two things quite yet.
Current Mood: busy

21st August 2004

12:01pm: Oh Yeah....
I forgot to add that last weekend I was able to meet Rachel Proctor...."Me and Emily." I absolutly love her song, and she's from where I live, as well. She's so cool!
11:10am: Well I haven't updated in like forever so here's a little somethin somethin

Summer classes at State are over and I did pretty well in both of them.

My grandpa got a new camper, so we all went up to the lake, and went out on our boat for the week. My cousins were up there too which made it even more fun. Fishing wasn't too good, but I did catch the biggest bass. The highlight was when I came an "ace" of stepping on a skunk.

Went to see Kenny Chesney, Uncle Kracker, and Rascal Flatts....the concert was awesome

Sunday Jill and I hung out; we went to Huntington to get some stuff for her mom. We had alot of fun....LOL
Peace up, A-town down

The past two weeks we've been practically living in Cross Lanes because of my brother's soccer and other school stuff.

And unfortunately my grandpa's sister died.

Well that's about it
Current Mood: tired

21st July 2004

9:45am: Busy......
Last Thursday I went to see John Kerry at the University of Charleston. There were tons of people there....we ended up having to walk from Columbia Gas. I wasn't quite as close as I would have liked to of been, but it was still fun.

My mom's intern and her family were there, and a few other people that I knew. I also saw Paul and Steve.

Some well known people there were: Eric Wells, Natalie Tennant, Joe Manchin, Bob Wise, and Charles Yeager. At the end I made my way to the front, and ended up getting pretty close.

I was a bit disappointed that Mike Callahan wasn't there....he's so cool.

Sunday I went to another family reunion on my mom's side at Coonskin. At first it was sorta boring, but then it livened up. Turns out that my mom went to an Alice Cooper concert back in the day, with one of my cousins. And she doesn't care for Britney?

Tuesday afternoon I went to the West Virginia Radio Corporation to "observe" the WCHS Talk Radio Show, with Rick Johnson, Mike Agnello, and Spike, which was an absolute blast!

When I first got there I went to the Green Room; where they had all these gold and platinum sales awards given to them by various artists....I was so elated to just be there. I saw Bill Sheahan from 98.7., and another man, all I knew about him was his voice.

Whenever the show came back from commercial breaks they would say all their names, and mine too, where I went to school, etc. which was cool, and they sang the "Sherri" song, which was hilarious. There was even a bit of breaking news, in regards to Christine Habrle finding the Putnam County doctor.

Everyone there was extremely nice; overall I'm really glad I got to go and experience it.
Current Mood: artistic

14th July 2004

10:52am: Here's a short update....
-Going to see John Kerry Thursday....I am really siked

-Saw Fahrenheit 9/11....interesting

-Made some progress on the scrapbooking front....finally

-Got my speech for one class over with....now onto the next

-Went to a family reunion on my mom's side at Rippling Waters

Well that's all for now :O)
Current Mood: busy

7th July 2004

9:24am: 4th of July Festivities
The Fourth of July was pretty eventful this year.

Sunday I went to the Capital Complex to see President George W. Bush!!!!

Now, I know what some are thinking....LOL but he is the President

Actually, I was pretty excited about going since I didn't have the opportunity to see him in Huntington a few months ago. Our tickets were astonishingly pretty good....luckly my dad knew a man that had some to give us.

We got there around 10:30 A.M., went through security, and made our way to the North side of the Capital. We ended up being about 3 rows back, near the right side of the podium.

We were beside legislator Ron Walters....whom my mom knows somehow. Pastor Thorton from Bible Center was there, as well as, legislator Tim Armstead, his wife, and daughter (my ski buddy), Shelley Moore Capito and her family, and a couple of families that live around me.

We baked in the sun until 1:00 P.M. It was so hot....people were dropping like flies. Then "Hail to the Chief" began to play, and the President walked down the steps. I was really excited to finally be able to see an ACTUAL PRESIDENT!!!!

I got some pretty good pictures; after his speech he came down to where we were and shook hands....my mom got to shake his hand. I just put my camera up in the air and started pushing the button; it was near to impossible to try and look through the lens with everyone's hands in the way.

Later that night we went to my Aunt Pam and Frank's Sternwheeler to watch the fireworks; turns out Aaron Tippin had been on the boat earlier in the day. And to top off the night, I found 4 bucks on the sidewalk....now I can get that Ferrari....LOL
Current Mood: awake

25th June 2004

12:04pm: I went to a recognition dinner Tuesday evening at Embassy Suites.

It was held to honor to a former West Virginia Insurance Commissioner, whom as a child I was very close to. WVU was heading it up....they are naming part of the College of Business and Economics after him; and gave him some type of award from the governor's office. I am so glad that I decided to go, it was alot of fun and sentimental at the same time.

Former governor Arch Moore and his wife were in attendance, the President of WVU and his wife, professors, former commissioners throughout the years (a few of whom I new personally and others I new of), family, friends, etc.

I was actually able to meet with Gov. Moore; he talked with us for quite awhile, actually. I know he gets alot of slack, but he really is a nice man, who still speaks and thinks quite well for his age. And of course my mom had to tell various stories about me meeting him at different times when I was younger, which gave him a chuckle.

And certainly the man of the hour....Mr. Wright....who I always called "PawPaw"....was there seeing as how this whole shindig was for him and he hasn't aged a bit. Seeing him after so many years was wonderful, and I was able to see his wife, children, and grand-children.

All in all everything went smoothly; it was a wonderful time.
Current Mood: content

20th June 2004

10:45pm: Last Monday I went to Huntington once again to figure out my classes....and finally had some success. However I had a major time crunch if I was going to be able to register for them, but I ended up making it on time. After that was done a "typhoon" decided to stop in which got me drenched, but it wasn't all bad because I got to run into the mall and buy some dry clothes. So of course I went to PacSun where Kelly hooked me up. Then I went to my class later that evening, it turns out that Missy M is in my class which is cool. Tuesday I went to my other class which doesn't seem as though it will be dull, at all. After class I ran into the mall to pick up something, and ran into Katie A, so we caught up with each other; it was so great seeing her.

It turns out my whole family went shopping for new cell phones a few days ago and forgot about me....even my LITTLE brother got one....so everyone has one but me, but its ok....LOL And Britney's entire tour has officially been called off for sure, so now my hopes of seeing her this summer are gone. Someday, someday.
Current Mood: productive

11th June 2004

12:17pm: I haven't updated in quite awhile so here's a *brief* rundown of whats been going on.

This summer I've done the regular things of going to the mall, and catching some movies. I went to a few graduation ceremonies; one of the nights that I was out making my rounds, I hit 2 that were going on at the same time. I'm glad I went to all of them; I got to see some old friends, my dance chicas, and my cousins. I also went to my old dance studios' recital; they had it in Nitro for some reason; my instructor and some of the other girls, that were there when I was, were happy to see me, which was sweet.

Last week I went to Huntington to see a show; it was pretty good. Three bands performed: Falls Church, Socratic, and Jenoah. I went to Huntington earlier this week to get some paper work for summer classes, and I went there again today, and I am possibly on my way back either later today or Monday. So I guess I'll have to wait and see how that all works out, if not I'll have to figure out something else productive to do.

Well that's probably the shortest entry of mine yet.
Current Mood: confused

26th May 2004

12:14am: Who's the big winner?
Game 2 (Western conf.) can be summed up in this phrase: :"Give Em' The T"
Three double technicals in one quarter! Perhaps "fourth quarter frustration"

"Superman" vs Trent; why would you even attempt to hit Shaq
Payton vs Szczerbiak
They had some words
"Mailman" vs Martin (Malone's philosophy "shoulder him and kept on truckin" which equaled an ejection for him)

Unfortunately we lost

But tonight Kobe was the man of the second half which means....who got their "rhythm" back.....the LAKERS BABY!

How many times can Shaq go to the free throw line?

22nd May 2004

10:08pm: Here's a random thought....
Well the Nets lost to the Pistons....by alot :O( I didn’t want it to happen, but I figured it would....this game wasn't nearly as good as the one several days ago when it went into three overtimes, and Jefferson "the vulcher" came out. But the other night Kidd just didn’t have it. Now it’s the Pistons playing the Pacers....give Reggie his glory

The other night the Timberwolves beat the Kings (poor Weber, that’s gotta hurt) but I liked the Timberwolves better. Now they go onto play the Lakers....oh yes, the Lakers!!!! It will be a good several games but I have a feeling the Lakers will become the Western Conference Champs

"It’s over, the series is over"
"One lucky shot deserves another" Fisher saves the day
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